Art Block Be Damned, I Will Burn Brightly

by Kakofonous A. Dischord

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Thank you to the Funny Rave crew for hosting my music! It was the largest crowd my music has been put in-front of yet!

This is a performance in two parts.
Part One (and the short outro): A electric guitar passed through various effects bowed with a handmade bow (wooden dowel, picture hangers, fishing wire, rosin).

Part Two: Two Synthesizers and a Sampler are passed through various effects.

Combined these parts make up "Art Block Be Damned, I Will Burn Brightly". I am constantly burdened by Art Block and I often have to force myself to make *something*. This is a product of throwing ideas at a wall for Sweet Baby Raves for weeks. I think it turned out fantastic! Some post audio work was added in Audacity (RIP) and VEGAS, comprised mostly with adding a few layers of sound during both parts.

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Full Gear list:

~Part 1~
G.W. Lyon by Washburn Guitar

Dean Markey K-15X Amp

Homemade Bow

~Part 2~

Arturia Microbrute

KORG Volca Sample OKGO Edition

Volca Samples
Behringer Crave

~Both Parts~

Zoom G1-on Multi-Pedal

Zoom B1-on Multi-Pedal

Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer

VEGAS Pro 14

Vosyr pack available to download here


released July 7, 2021




Kakofonous A. Dischord Colorado

experimental musician in the mlp music scene and elsewhere

i have more music on my old pseudo-label and other alias Evoline Theory, both linked below.

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